Guardian Commercial Locksmith Phoenix

Commercial Locksmith PhoenixYour business is something you want to keep safe. There are several ways to do that, but no matter how you go about it locks will always be essential. Locks are the basic building blocks of all security setups, because sometimes a deterrent is all it takes to keep the thieves at bay. Here at Guardian Locksmith we value the safety of Phoenix businesses as if they were our own, and that’s why we offer the highest quality services and products to keep those businesses safe no matter what comes their way.

Commercial Rekeying

If something happens to the keys you usually employ in the workplace or you simply decide that it’s time for a new key, replacing each and every lock with a brand new one isn’t the best answer. With our commercial rekeying services you can have every lock in your business reconfigured to work with a new set of keys of your choosing. The process is safe, secure, and far more affordable than replacing every lock.

Commercial Hardware

At Guardian Locksmith we know that sometimes what you need isn’t repairs or modifications to your existing security hardware, but brand new top of the line hardware instead. We offer plenty of commercial equipment and hardware for you to use in your business to upgrade its security to the max, including commercial door locks and deadbolts, maintenance crash bars and exit devices, general maintenance for push-pull paddles, replacement of controllers for desk and cabinet locks, and high security proprietary locks for computerized control systems.

Lockout Entry

Of course, the prime directive of all locksmiths is to help people regain access to lockouts, and we handle this commercially as well. Should you be locked out of your business for any reason, there are several ways we can help you regain access, whether it’s something as simple as picking the lock or making an entirely new key to get you back inside. Never go without access to the business you worked so hard to build.

Security Upgrades & Maintenance

Here at Guardian Locksmith we pride ourselves on efficient and rapid service, but more than that we pride ourselves on quality. If your locks are outdated or you simply aren’t satisfied with their caliber, we’re ready to ensure that everything you have protecting your store is top quality at all times.

When it comes to protecting your place of business, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. And in Phoenix, the best is Guardian Locksmith. With our dedication to top quality performance and top tier hardware alongside affordable prices and rapid work speed, you won’t find greater satisfaction with any other locksmith in Phoenix. Whether you need your current hardware repaired or your outdated hardware replaced, or even if you just need to get back inside the shop after an unfortunate lockout, Guardian Locksmith is capable of meeting all of your commercial security needs at an affordable price. It doesn’t get any better than affordability and quality in one.